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The Pre-Primary section comprises Junior Kg & Senior Kg classes. The Pre-School curriculum developed by the CISCE, is meant for an early childhood setting where four to six years old children receive age appropriate education. The activities & play based experiences connect young children's fascination with learning in every domain so that they can enjoy, learn and make the most of their time in Pre School.
At the primary stage, subject areas dealt with are English, Hindi (Second language), Mathematics, Environmental Studies, science, Social Studies, Computer Studies & Art Education. English is the first language and presented in a manner which takes into account multilingualism as a learning resource. Mathematics focuses on reasoning & conceptual at every stage. Participation in co-curricular activities is encouraged to ensure an overall development in every child.
The curriculum for the upper primary stage covers English, Hindi (Second language), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Under Science), History & Civics, Geography (under the subject History, Civics & Geography), and Computer Studies & Art Education. The focus of English language learning at this stage is on oral and written expression, in a creative manner. The focus of Mathematics learning at this stage is to consolidate and expand the learning through problem solving techniques. Science at this stage branches out into Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Computer Studies curriculum focuses on knowledge and skills in ICT so as to enable students to use common technology to access and utilize information.
Student Life
Based on an age-appropriate educational plan, Presidency School provides a wide range of activities for students.
Distinctive Features
At Presidency School we believe every child is unique and special. We aim to discover and maximize his or her talents and strengths and work on their weaknesses. Presidency School offers a comprehensive learning program that extends far beyond the confines of a classroom. Students have countless opportunities to assimilate knowledge, discover hidden talents, follow dreams and grow into all rounders.
An Exceptional Campus

Nestled in a tranquil, picturesque and pollution free setting, the school is spread across 5 acres.

The environment at Presidency School derives its milieu from the "Gurukul" tradition that stresses on the importance of a serene locale in aiding effective knowledge transfer.

Cocurricular Activities
"All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy."
Intraschool Activities
Intraschool activities give students an opportunity to enhance their skills and excel in areas beyond academics.
Other Educational Initiatives
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